NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9 – Save the Tiger

Here we provide NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9 – Save the Tiger, Which will very helpful for every student in their exams. Students can download the latest NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Chapter 9 – Save the Tiger pdf. Now you will get step by step solution to each question.


Dialogue : A tiger behind bars and a man

Man: Hello, Mr. Tiger you are now behind the bars. Now you are no longer the king of the jungle. You will now have to listen to me. I will be your dictator. I will appoint a ring master who will train you in many tricks.

Tiger: I am the lord of the jungle from where you trapped me. You have violated the forest laws by trapping me inside the bars. You have done an immoral act. Open the doors! Let me be free and go back to the jungle.

Man: You tiger! Don’t teach me law and ethics. I have captured you after taking so much risk. I am not a fool that I will set you free.

Tiger: You are a rational animal. O man! Please be kind to me and set me free.

Man: Shut up ! I am not going to set you free. Don’t worry, here you will get fresh flesh of goat to eat.

Tiger: O man! People like you are killing us daily. We have now become an endangered specie. We are getting less in number day by day. Tiger experts say that we are now left with only 3000 of us.

Man: So what! Nothing will happen if tigers do not live. Other animals will survive in peace. They live a life of panic because of you tigers.

Tiger: This is not our fault. Nature has created us .Nature has made the food chain. If we don’t hunt and kill other animals there will be an ecological imbalance. Man should not kill us as we can live without man but man cannot live without us.

A dialogue between a man in a cage and a tiger.

Man : Have mercy on me, O tiger! You have caged me for no fault of mine. I am starving from yesterday. You have not given me any food.

Tiger: What ! Have’nt I given you food? What is all this in the bowl next to you ?

Man: O my lord,Tiger! How can I eat raw food? The food you have given is not cooked. I can’t eat this food.

Tiger: Eat what you have got and stop weeping.

Man: O Tiger! I want to meet my wife and children. They are at home. I do not know how they are. Please release me free and let me go! For the sake of my children please let me go.

Tiger: What exactly do you want? Tell me. You have been caged not for nothing. I will carry you to jungle where you will perform in a circus in front of the animals. You are going to  perform feats and the animals will clap and applaud your performance. Ha ha ha…

Man: Oh No! Please don’t do that. I understand that you are taking revenge for the ill treatment we give to the tigers .

Tiger: I have put you in a cage to teach you a lesson. I hope you can now empathise with our condition when we are put in a cage. I will let you go if you pledge to protect the tigers and other animals. I will let you be free if you encourage people not to buy any product made of animals’ body parts. I will let you go you if you can educate people that they should stop hunting us.

Man: I agree to your conditions. Please free me. You are very wise and generous. O Tiger, you have not eaten me.

Tiger: I let you free. When you go back to your society chant this slogan:

Save Tiger, The King Of The Jungle.

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